10 Things You Didn't Know About Perry Saturn

2. The Other Jobber Shoot Incident

During the last few months of his WWE run, Saturn was not involved in any major storylines and was primarily used on the weekend shows like Jakked, Metal and Heat, as well as dark matches. Often Saturn would be put in there with a young guy on a tryout, the veteran considered a safe pair of hands.

Most people know about the incident with Mike Bell, but there was another, similar incident that went down months later.

On December 17th 2001, Saturn was wrestling a guy called Brian Gamble in a match taped for an episode of Jakked. The match was going along alright until suddenly and without warning, Gamble stopped cooperating with the WWE star. Double-crossing him on pre-planned spots and legitimately kicking Saturn in the eye, drawing blood, it appeared as though Gamble was going into business for himself.

Saturn took control of the situation, with Gamble (who was wrestling in his hometown) supposedly saying that he couldn't lose the match because he had family and friends in attendance. Saturn responded by taking him down, breaking his nose and forcibly putting him into his submission finisher (The Rings of Saturn), getting him to legitimately tap out.

When they got backstage Vince McMahon and the road agents were furious with Gamble, who supposedly had the nerve to complain to Saturn about the way he reacted to his insolence. After getting into a shouting match, Gamble was promptly thrown out of the building and never worked for WWE again.

On the next episode of Smackdown Vince walked past Saturn on camera and gave him a handshake and a 'how are you doing?', which was supposedly Vince's way of acknowledging the incident and giving Saturn the 'OK' for the way in which he reacted to the situation.

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