10 Things You Didn't Know About Samoa Joe

5. His Was A Mortgage Broker Before He Became A Wrestler

Before he ever became the Samoan Submission Machine/Specialist, before he embarked on an 18-month-long undefeated streak in TNA or a 21-month-long reign as ROH World Champion, before he even got started in professional wrestling, Nuufolau Joel Seanoa...was a mortgage broker. It might be difficult to picture the 6'2, 289 pound Samoa Joe wearing a suit all day working a white collar job, but that's exactly what he did before he started wrestling.Also, given his menacing look and particularly-intimidating eyes, he wouldn't have looked like someone willing to negotiate on numbers for a mortgage. On one hand, being a mortgage broker isn't an easy job on its own, as it requires quite a bit of financial knowledge. Furthermore, working as a mortgage broker, whether it's for a bank or a private financing company, is a less-demanding job (at least physically) and has more job security than does the career of a pro wrestling. On the other hand, working a white collar job clearly didn't fit Joe's lifestyle; if it did he wouldn't be wrestling today. Thankfully, Joe took the risk and followed his passion and became a wrestler. While it might've been tougher for him at first, and certainly must've taken a heavier toll on his body, at least as a wrestler people cheer for him and look forward to meeting him, which cannot always be said for mortgage brokers.
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