10 Things You Didn't Know About Tajiri

The Japanese Buzzsaw is back for the Cruiserweight Classic, so reacquaint yourself.

By now you'll know the good news; everyone's favourite Japanese Buzzsaw is confirmed for the forthcoming WWE Cruiserweight Classic. Yes, Tajiri is back, and we'll be lucky enough to see him in a WWE ring more than a decade since he left the company. There's not much chance that he'll win the whole thing, but it matters little; Tajiri is back.

Tajiri has a legitimate claim to being the most successful Japanese wrestler in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment. Trained by Animal Hamaguchi and Kendo Nagasaki, Yoshihiro Tajiri arrived in WWE (then WWF) in 2001 and was a hit from the off. Whether he was portraying a comedic role alongside William Regal or perfectly portraying the evil foreigner, Tajiri was (and still is) an exception talent.

During his tenure in the company, Tajiri was a three-time Cruiserweight Champion, a two-time Tag Champion, as well as having runs with the United States Championship and the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship. Before arriving in WWE he also had a highly successful run in Extreme Championship Wrestling, where he won the ECW TV Championship and Tag Team Championship one time each.


Most people are pretty happy to see Tajiri back, however long that may be for. As such, here is your chance to get to know the man with the educated feet, the Japanese Buzzsaw, Yoshihiro Tajiri.

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