10 Things You Didn't Know About WWE In 1992

1992 was a historic year for the WWF, but you don't even know the half of it!

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1992 was a year of transition for the then-WWF.

Hulkamania's boom was coming to an end, his replacement (The Ultimate Warrior) had been an unreliable flop, the company turned international to try offset flagging domestic business, and Vince McMahon was about to be indicted by the federal government during the resource-sapping steroid trials.

It wasn't a quiet year then, but even the most hardcore WWE fans might not know everything there is to know about '92. For example, one top star got scorching heat for his antics at WrestleMania VIII - despite blading and bending the rules that night, it wasn't Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, Randy Savage or Ric Flair (although the latter two did get into trouble with McMahon).

Another major player nearly left the company, and one coming in wasn't even supposed to do any wrestling at all. Meanwhile, every single pay-per-view that year made history in some form or fashion, and one became iconic for some on-the-spot main event heroics.

Just as well, because that saved some embarrassment. Speaking of embarrassing, local TV gave the game away on arguably the year's biggest title change.

Yeah, 1992 was wild. Here's why!

10. Why Jake Roberts Got Scorching Heat

Bret Hart WWE WCW

Some behind the scenes thought Jake Roberts was being a moody sod and didn't want to put The Undertaker over at WrestleMania VIII. In truth, as Jake has revealed during countless interviews since, that wasn't the case. Roberts was happy to do the job, but he also wanted their match to be special.

So, he called an audible and had 'Taker hit a Tombstone on him outside the ring. That did not go over well with Vince McMahon or other WWF officials. It wasn't the original plan, and management thought it was a bit rubbish of Jake to change things on the fly during the biggest card of the entire year.

Roberts had a ton of heat after that, and has admitted that he knew he was pretty much out the door from that point on. He'd leave the WWF for a short stint in WCW later in 1992, but has tried to set the record straight on things in recent years.

'The Snake' wasn't moody - he was just creative.

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