10 Things You Learn Binge Watching Every WWE Raw From 1996

9. Sycho Sid's Reunion With HBK Made Zero Sense

Sycho Sid Shawn Michaels Ahmed Johnson

On 3 April 1995, big Sid stabbed Shawn Michaels in the back and helped turn the 'Heartbreak Kid' into the federation's latest face sensation. On 8 July 1996, Sid returned from his latest lay off and was revealed as Shawn and Ahmed Johnson's partner for the upcoming In Your House 9 pay-per-view.


The WWF didn't even try to explain why Shawn and Sid were suddenly buddies again - the 'Sycho' one simply cut an explosive promo announcing his involvement at IYH and that was that. Behind the scenes, problems between Vince McMahon and The Ultimate Warrior had forced the company to find a replacement.

So long as that replacement was a major star, Vince didn't give a toss about who it was or the questionable storyline logic between old enemies. To make things even more confusing, Sid and Michaels became rivals again by the end of the year.


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