10 Things You Learn Binge Watching Every WWE Raw From 1997

Change everything.

Vince McMahon Stunner 1997

The WWF produced 50 episodes of Raw in 1997, but a handful changed everything.

'97 gave birth to D-Generation X, waved goodbye to company icon Bret Hart, introduced future legend Kane and changed the format of Monday Night Raw for good. It was a year in which Vince McMahon looked over at the success of WCW's Nitro flagship, muttered a quick, 'f*ck it' and ditched his family friendly vision in favour of something with a harder edge.

Though it wasn't quite called it at that point, the company were veering towards 'Attitude', and they were gathering pace by the week. 1996 had been a strange year that started with familiar cartoonish fare. Then, towards the end, McMahon started experimenting with shocking angles and controversial characters like he was on a one-man mission to get his show thrown off USA Network.

This new approach went into overdrive throughout 1997. The WWF even deployed some extremists to try and win back older fans from the clutches of the super-cool nWo; there was almost nothing McMahon wouldn't try.

Here's everything one can learn from binging countless hours of '97 WWF...

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