10 Things You Learn Binge Watching Every WWE Raw From 1997

10. The Changes Were Needed

WWE Raw Is War Set

Raw went two hours for the first time on 3 February 1997, and the WWF followed that up by changing the show's look, stage, intro music and name on 10 March. Gone was the basic, stripped down look of before - that was replaced by a huge tron, enough fireworks to blow the 1995 budget and a bold declaration.

"Raw Is War", Vince McMahon barked.

This change is one yours truly was waiting on when he began the mammoth task of binging every single episode of Raw from the show's humble beginnings onwards. He couldn't wait to get through the pre-taped 3 March episode (held in Germany) and experience the excitement of change all over again.

The WWF badly needed this. Their flagship had started to look a bit old hat next to WCW's lively Nitro broadcasts, and it was clear that McMahon had to do something lest he slip too far behind Eric Bischoff's brash product. It worked a charm.

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