10 Things You Learn Binge Watching Every WWE Raw From 1998

10. Nobody Could See

WWF Raw Attitude Era Signs
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'How could anyone see the ring?'

That's one of the first thoughts leaping out when re-watching Raw in 1998. The sheer number of signs in crowds across North America was astounding, but it can't have made for a very relaxed viewing experience from the stands. Some of those cardboard pieces are in the air constantly.

They only seem to increase in volume as the year progresses too. Honestly, by summer, it's almost like there are more signs than people (there might have been - some fans can be seen with multiple messages they desperately want family to capture on a spare VHS tape back home).

It's an impressive visual from the hard cam side looking on, if nothing else. As cool as those signs were, it's probably for the best that fans have calmed down a little over the years, because '98's signage was complete overkill.


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