10 Things You Learn From Boycotting WWE For One Year

Holy sh*t, they actually managed to get Roman Reigns over?

At the beginning of 2015 I was pretty exhausted by WWE. There was seemingly endless content to get through, and every week brought diminishing returns on all those precious hours wasted watching the McMahon family inheritance project. With never ending storytelling issues, phenomenal talent being wasted, and the same old nonsense being spewed every single week, WWE was beginning to completely ruin my lifelong love of all things wrestling. I found myself listening to the most negative opinions I could find online just so I didn€™t feel alone in my despair. Additionally, I found myself actively hate watching the mind numbing three hour Raw episodes, just so I could find things to be angry about €“ which is kind of a dumb way for any adult anywhere to spend their time. Worst of all I even stopped watching Lucha Underground (even though it is 150 types of awesome), just because I was burned out by wrestling in general. I felt that after years of disappointment that WWE had finally killed my love of the business. So I gave myself a hiatus from all things WWE after the Royal Rumble. No PPV€™s, no broadcasts, no networks, no websites, no podcasts, nothing. I still heard the odd thing through my Facebook feed and other news outlets, but on the whole I was completely oblivious to what was happening in WWE in 2015. But now it€™s the holidays and I€™ve had a couple of weeks of vacation, and a bit of time just to chill. So I thought I€™d give WWE a second (okay more like a fifth) chance, and see if anything was different since the last time I tuned in nearly a year ago. I tuned in for the 2015 edition of the Slammy€™s, fired up a new network subscription, downloaded some podcasts, read some websites, and jumped back into the world of WWE. These are the ten things that have struck me the most in the past week:
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