10 Things You Learn From Watching 1992 On The WWE Network

10. 1992 Marked The First Attempted Change In Direction For The Company

From the moment he decided to put full faith in the Hulk Hogan machine, Vince McMahon struck gold. A household name, Hogan pulled in monster business for the WWF, success McMahon tried to replicate with The Ultimate Warrior. Sadly for company hierarchy, Warrior didn't quite reach the heights of Hulkamania.

By 1992, it was time to try something different. Throughout the entire year, there's a prevailing sense that McMahon knew he had to switch things up. He may not have been fully aware of which direction to turn, but there's much more of a focus on smaller, more athletic performers as 1992 progresses.

Ric Flair bridged the gap from the titans of before, eventually letting the likes of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels shine. Even Roddy Piper and Mr. Perfect were focal points, along with stalwarts like Randy Savage.

Warrior did come back into things eventually, but it was too late for him to haul his legacy back from the brink. Wrestling fans had been introduced to something refreshing, and it was time to put full stock in actual in-ring performance.


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