10 Times A Wrestler Did A Move Better Than The Innovator

9. The Suicide Dive

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The origin of the suicide dive is muddled, lost to time - but if it can't be precisely determined which luchador invented it, it's all too easy to gather who does it now: every f*cker.

All but a select few should retire it from their repertoire because, all too often, it looks like a piss-weak, almost friendly flying high five. The momentum generated is wasted completely, as is the risk. It's just a shove aimed from a dangerous midair position.

There are honourable mentions.

Ember Moon's lopé variation has a sh*t-load of velocity behind it. Hangman Page, while still doing the shove motion, at least puts an awesome combination of speed and power into it. It's like a flying version of how Mike Tyson put Steve Austin down. Fénix often clears the barricade, he generates so much speed, but it's the only move in the world the man is second best at.

Darby Allin's version is as mind-blowing as it is purposeful. He puts the "suicide" element, the risk, all the way over. He's a bullet of a performer which, combined with a total disregard for his own safety, informs the genius behind the move. It never feels more like an attack when he executes it, and given his character's origin story, it never makes more sense.

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