10 Times AEW Saved Something That STUNK

9. "Hangman" Adam Page

Evil Uno

Before he became the poster boy for cowboy sh*t, Adam Page was just shi...

Actually, that's monstrously unfair. "Hangman" was never a bad wrestler. He was just overshadowed by the company he kept and was given too much, too soon.

A former member of The Elite, Page was very much the fifth wheel of the stable during AEW's fledgling months. Kenny Omega was the Best Bout Machine; The Young Bucks were the revolutionary tag team; Cody was the (at the time) do-no-wrong indie darling; and Page was... there.

So when "Hangman" Page was the first to win a World Title shot the crowd rejected him, hard. Despite being the clear babyface in his title match against Jericho, the AEW audience were very vocal in their support for the former Y2J and made it clear they did not want AEW to kick off with a "Hangman" title reign.

That must have been an excruciating experience for the young Page, but to his and AEW's credit the past couple of years have sent his credibility soaring. Putting on tag team classics alongside Omega, stealing the show at Stadium Stampede with wrestling's greatest ever run-in, and his friendship with the Dark Order (more on whom later) have turned Page into a firm fan favourite.

To paraphrase a certain CEO, "That's such good cowboy sh*t, pal!"


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