10 Times Irresistible Forces Met Immovable Objects In Wrestling

9. Triple H Vs. Cactus Jack

The 2000 edition of the Royal Rumble wasn't the first time Mick Foley and Triple H had wrestled. As both Mankind and Cactus Jack, Foley had worked with his peer many times, but the dawn of the new millennium offered something different. This time, both were definite headliners in WWE.

At Royal Rumble and the next month's No Way Out, Triple H and the manic Jack were portrayed as incredibly even.

There was very little to choose between them, assessed lead announcer Jim Ross, despite their wildly different styles. Opposites sometimes attract, and the pair gelled well to create some real memorable matches.

Triple H constantly tried to up the violence, but he couldn't out-brawl Cactus. Then, Jack was left surprised by 'The Game' managing to come up to his level, matching him in Hell In A Cell and Street Fight bouts.

Some wrestlers just exhibit mind-blowing levels of natural chemistry together, and the Triple H vs. Cactus Jack combination is one that's often under-rated in that regard.


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