10 Times Irresistible Forces Met Immovable Objects In Wrestling

8. Bret Hart Vs. Shawn Michaels

Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels once had so much in common, and that's probably where the problems surfaced between them.

Coming out of the ashes of the era dominated by Hulk Hogan and other larger performers, both Hart and Michaels offered up something different. They were intrinsically linked, despite later growing apart.

As early as the 1992 Survivor Series, Vince McMahon was seeing something special when combining the 'Hitman' with the 'Heartbreak Kid'. This was a different kind of main event, one relying less on theatrics and more on actual, solid-as-hell pro wrestling.

Later bouts between the pair played before escalating animosity on a personal level, something that perhaps wasn't as easy to spot for those more casual wrestling fans of the time.

Epic matches such as a 60-minute 'Iron Man' contest at WrestleMania XII proved poignant, because they showed that even in art (much like in real life), Hart and Michaels were even.

Their issues would infamously reach boiling point at the 1997 Survivor Series, and were not patched up until Hart's WWE return in 2010.


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