10 Times NXT Was As Dumb As WWE's Main Roster

9. Enzo Amore Produces 3 Storylines About Hair

Shotzi Blackheart

In mid-2013, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady formed what would become one of the most entertaining and over tag teams in NXT's history. An early conflict for the brash Jersey Shore-inspired tandem was the tag team of Frenchmen Marcus Louis and Sylvester Lefort, who at one point attacked Enzo and Cassidy and shaved the beard of Enzo.

This resulted in a hair vs. hair match at NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way between Amore and Lefort, which the former won. Before Lefort could get a fresh trim, the Nice-born superstar bailed, leaving partner Louis to get knocked silly, his head shaved, and his eyebrows Nair'd.

It all felt very sports entertainment, particularly in the aftermath when the already-heel Louis tried hiding his baldness á la Kurt Angle circa 2002, before turning an even heeler shade of heel by turning on partner Lefort.

Meanwhile, Enzo and Cassidy are met by a lady called Carmella, a former hairdresser and someone they had got fired due to their hijinks a couple of weeks prior at her salon and was now demanding they bring her to NXT.

A hair vs. hair match, a hairdresser-turned professional wrestler, and an angry, eyebrow-less bald man, all dominoed from one storyline.

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