10 Times NXT Was As Dumb As WWE's Main Roster

9. Enzo Amore Produces 3 Storylines About Hair

Shotzi Blackheart

In mid-2013, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady formed what would become one of the most entertaining and over tag teams in NXT's history. An early conflict for the brash Jersey Shore-inspired tandem was the tag team of Frenchmen Marcus Louis and Sylvester Lefort, who at one point attacked Enzo and Cassidy and shaved the beard of Enzo.

This resulted in a hair vs. hair match at NXT TakeOver: Fatal 4-Way between Amore and Lefort, which the former won. Before Lefort could get a fresh trim, the Nice-born superstar bailed, leaving partner Louis to get knocked silly, his head shaved, and his eyebrows Nair'd.

It all felt very sports entertainment, particularly in the aftermath when the already-heel Louis tried hiding his baldness รก la Kurt Angle circa 2002, before turning an even heeler shade of heel by turning on partner Lefort.

Meanwhile, Enzo and Cassidy are met by a lady called Carmella, a former hairdresser and someone they had got fired due to their hijinks a couple of weeks prior at her salon and was now demanding they bring her to NXT.

A hair vs. hair match, a hairdresser-turned professional wrestler, and an angry, eyebrow-less bald man, all dominoed from one storyline.

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