10 Times NXT Was As Dumb As WWE's Main Roster

7. Roderick Strong's Awkward Heel Turn

Shotzi Blackheart

When Roddy Strong came to NXT in 2016, he pushed hard as a working class, underdog babyface who vied for the NXT Championship, complete with a multi-part video package that highlighted his new family and his struggles to make it in the industry.

After failing to win the strap, Strong started getting advances from The Undisputed Era, a collection of his old pals from his indie days. Initially Strong rejected their propositions, to the point where he teamed with the Authors of Pain in a WarGames match against UE at TakeOver: WarGames.

The feud would reignite six months later at TakeOver: New Orleans where Strong would team with Pete Dunne to face UE and AOP in the finals of the 2018 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in a triple threat tag team match. It was in this match, after months of torment from Undisputed Era, over a year of being the plucky, underdog babyface, and teaming with Dunne for the duration of the tournament as a last-minute entry where Strong would turn heel and align himself with UE, to the surprise of everyone, including Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole who seemingly had no clue the allegiance was coming.

A failed babyface push, flat character progression, and a poorly-timed/achieved heel turn, it's the WWE hattrick.

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