10 Times Terrible Wrestlers Put On Great Matches

4. The Warlord (Vs. The British Bulldog) - WrestleMania VII

Warlord British Bulldog WrestleMania VII

The Warlord was the most late '80s/early '90s WWF guy possible. The guy seemingly had no skill, no heat, no character - he didn't even have any hair. What he did have however was muscles. The Warlord had muscles in places most people didn't have places. Did he give up all of his hair and talent for muscles? Well, let's just say that he wouldn't have been too enthusiastic to take part in any Wellness Policy tests.

The Warlord only had one half-decent singles match, and that came against a fellow muscle-friendly dude at WrestleMania VII. Davey Boy Smith was a big muscle guy that also had a decent amount of talent, and as such this match sits proud on the Warlord mantelpiece today.

The two were embroiled in quite a heated rivalry at this point, and as such the crowd are very much into the match. Warlord responds with all of the wresting moves he knows, which amounts to chinlocks, bear hugs, and the occasional suplex. Somehow, someway, it works.

He isn't able to get Davey locked in the Full Nelson however, and this proves his undoing as the man from our dear Blighty hits the running powerslam for the win.


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