10 Times TNA Went Way Too Far

Who writes this stuff, and how can we get them to stop?

For the most part, the story of professional wrestling in the United States in the last twenty years is the story of the abandonment of almost every single scintilla of traditional pro wrestling storytelling logic in favour of empty spectacle, ridiculous gimmicks, controversial antics, and €˜crash TV€™ theatrics. When it worked, it saw the formation of the NWO and rang in the Attitude Era; witnessed the second summer of Punk and the formation of the €˜YES€™ movement. When it didn€™t€ well, there was pretty much everything else, the stuff that€™s made WCW, the WWF/E and more recently TNA a laughing stock amongst wrestling fans. Wrestling legend Larry Zybysko once said of TNA president Dixie Carter that she €œknows nothing about the wrestling psychology part and at the same time she doesn€™t know who to trust. She doesn€™t know if Jeff Jarrett knows what he€™s doing, she doesn€™t know if Russo knows what he€™s doing, she doesn€™t know if Dusty knows what he€™s doing. So these people are just kind of taking guesses and whoever gives them the best line of bullsh*t gets a chance at running the thing for a while.€ That€™s an hilarious way to run a company€ but, just as the hapless bookers behind WCW and WWE have discovered over the years, there€™s a price to pay for employing self-promoting chancers like Eric Bischoff or Vince Russo to constantly chase the edgiest, most engaging stories without any clear idea of what on earth you€™re doing. In only thirteen years of operation, TNA have committed more crimes against television than companies with three times that kind of history. Crimes likes these€


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