10 Times Vince McMahon Lost His Damn Mind

9. Limo Explosion


It has been noted on numerous occasions over the last decade that Vince McMahon no longer wants to be a recurring character on WWE television. In fact, there have been several attempts to write him off TV, ranging from being crushed under falling staging and selling Raw to Donald Trump, to being put into a coma by the Nexus and being relieved of his duties by Triple H.

Despite all the weird and wonderful ways in which McMahon has tried to exit, one stands out more than any other - the infamous limo explosion. Taking place on 11 June 2007 edition of Raw, McMahon stepped into his limousine at the end of the show, only for it to erupt into flames the moment the door closed.

Bruce Prichard has since retold the story on his podcast, quoting McMahon's philosophy behind the angle. In the ultimate attempt to take himself off TV for good, McMahon was hilariously said to have remarked, "I can't be on TV if I'm dead."

In the worst timing imaginable, the big memorial episode for the Vince character coincided with the genuine deaths of the Benoit family. Thankfully, the limo angle was immediately aborted following the shocking revelations of the horrific, real-life tragedy.


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