10 Times Vince McMahon Was The World's Strangest Boss

You'll need genetically superior grapefruits to handle this...

Titus O€™Neil€™s recent suspension over jovial, boss-touching should have come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the bodybuilding, ego-maniacal, dirty grandpa known as Vince McMahon. With over 30 years in the business of Sports Entertainment, McMahon is now the most powerful weirdo in an industry of very muscly, self-admitted weirdos. The man transformed a regional promotion into a vast corporate empire worth billions with ties to politics, publishing, and canned pasta. The creativity and drive that make Vince such a successful boss, also seem to make him a very strange boss. Between getting in the ring himself, firing abuse victims and forcing people to listen to his penile obsessions, Vince McMahon has shown he is a very different executive.

10. Fighting Kofi Kingston

Corporate World: Human Resources handles verbal disagreements. Vince World: Shoot wrestling solves all problems. Kofi Kingston, like the other booty-ful members of The New Day, is a big video game fanatic, But, it probably took him by surprise when he had to fight a real life boss to advance to a higher level. Long before he strapped a unicorn horn to his forehead, Kofi hung around the main event periphery, doing a high-flying Caribbean gimmick. He was a great worker and charming, but not exactly setting the world on fire. In his book, "Best in the World (At What I Have No Idea)", Chris Jericho recounts a time when they were taking a flight and Kingston was visibly bothered by something. Kingston explained that McMahon had flippantly told him, "Maybe someday you'll get over." Jericho encouraged his co-worker to challenge the man on his statement. That might sound like a great way to shoot yourself in the foot, but Jericho knew Vince liked guys who stood up for themselves. The Dreadlocked Dynamo got in Vince's face, with a "you got a problem with me?" kind of attitude. The two beefy men traded words and things got a little heated before Vince hit him with a double leg take-down. After wrestling around on the floor of the plane for some time, McMahon got up, laughing. Apparently the playful rumble endeared Kingston to Vince and he apologized. The issue was resolved and Vince's comments now look a bit more prophetic than dick-ish. Kingston still seems like a genuinely nice guy considering how often he kicks men in the chest.

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