10 Times WCW Was The CRAZIEST Promotion Ever

So, you think WWE and AEW can be wild? Neither has anything on the madness of WCW.

Hulk Hogan Eric Bischoff Sting Head WCW

WWE could have Roman Reigns play checkers on SmackDown for possession of World Titles and that still wouldn't be as mad as WCW was. Hell, Tony Khan's next "HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT" on AEW Dynamite could be that he had Frosties for breakfast and folks who lived through Vince Russo's Nitro would brush it off.

World Championship Wrestling was a time, people.

In fact, there were moments when the old Ted Turner-funded outfit could be considered the craziest promotion in the biz. WCW had true highs, absolutely, but the lows were just as spectacular to experience for fans. If you're new to 'Dubya-C-Dubya' madness, then you won't be able to believe some of the nonsense that went on.

Bold vignettes painstakingly designed to sell pay-per-views (that came across more like drug-fuelled fever dreams), shoot comments that actively encouraged flipping the channel, wrestlers challenging literal farmyard animals to future matches, Eric Bischoff's complete disrespect for all things Vince McMahon and more. It's all here.

That's before one even gets to bouts ending via implied death, or curmudgeonly backstage interviewers ripping an entire heel stable to shreds in an instant.

WCW was wild. Here's why!

10. Hulk Hogan Meets Dungeon Of Doom

Hulk Hogan Eric Bischoff Sting Head WCW

"There are no Hulkamaniacs here!".

That one line is iconic to WCW fans. A baffled Hulk Hogan shouted it out with passion when he landed in the vile Dungeon Of Doom's lair for the first time in 1995. It was like ol' Terry couldn't comprehend being in a place that didn't have screaming fans. He'd likely spontaneously combust without the maniacs, for crying out loud!

Generally, every single promo worked by The Master, Kevin Sullivan and/or other members of 'The Alliance To End Hulkamania' should be considered essential viewing, but the original is the best. What were they smoking before shooting this one?! That's a valid question, because it's a trip and a half.

Hogan's outright confusion over a place that exists without his fans is sensational, Sullivan's over-the-top delivery as The Taskmaster, the silly soundtrack - it's all epic stuff. Somehow, things would only get wilder for the Dungeon after that. The whole feud played out like some horror-themed kid's show from the early-90s.


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