10 Times Wrestlers Called Out Their Own BS

9. The Young Bucks

HHH Paige
Being The Elite

On the December 18, 2019 Dynamite, AEW ended the year in which the world was to change by booking a hokey supernatural-flavoured angle detrimental to its star acts.

Meet the new league. Same as the old league.

AEW recovered by the very next episode, which asked and answered and left dangling a very pressing question - Are the Elite still Elite? - in an astute and electrifying trios banger main event. Overstated in importance, yes, but also very bad: the Dark Order descended on the finish of the SCU Vs. Young Bucks main event and drew condom blood from Nick Jackson's throat. Kenny Omega arrived to save his friends, but was swiftly neutralised by some out-of-shape extras mocked up like gimps. Low-rent and counterproductive, it really didn't matter that the Dark Order made more sense in the narrative framework than virtually every critic credited the act for; the presentation was a level below utterly naff.

The Dark Order were the brainchild of the Young Bucks, who took the blame for the infamous angle - and took it well.

On the subsequent episode of Being The Elite, Matt attacked Christopher Daniels after a Christmas dinner gone awry, threw him to a sofa cushion, and intentionally missed a prolonged series of punches by about two feet.

He dwelled on every whiffed strike as if to convey that, yes, they'd f*cked it, but yes, they were going to fix it.


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