10 Times Wrestlers Got Over With ONE Match

Freshly squeezed.


This situation is bullsh*t. Its impact on professional wrestling is an inconvenient and irritating byproduct of something exponentially more grave, but god damn. This thing couldn't suck more unless Baron Corbin grabbed two chinlocks on it in an 18 minute match.

We never got to see fans jeer Rob Gronkowski's dry-humping on SmackDown. What was he doing? Does he want to f*ck everybody? Is it PG? Are fans expected to cheer this hyperactive, obnoxious jock? Fight Owens Fight?

More like F*ck Gronk F*ck!

Proper wrestling will resume at some point, and to park the facade for a moment, even the most successful practitioners on the Independent scene are struggling badly in an industry without a union. This is awful. Careers are in jeopardy. Companies are in jeopardy. Entire scenes are in jeopardy, and scenes create the future of the mainstream, from ECW to ROH to PWG. One depressing possibility emerging from all of this is that the John Laurinaitis era might not be the unthinkable memory it once was.

One slight, Orange Cassidy-esque thumbs up to all of it is that sometimes, one match is all it takes to get noticed...


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