10 Times Wrestlers Ignored Direct Orders

F*ck your rules.

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WWE's ecosystem is a carefully balanced orchestration of drama, athleticism, pop culture and order.

For matches to work, they rely on wrestlers towing the party line and keeping their noses clean whenever they're performing under the company umbrella. Or, y'know, they could just say, 'F*ck that' and do their own thing, thus writing their names into the history books for exciting (and sometimes controversial) reasons.

Vince McMahon, the ringleader of WWE's circus, cannot be happy whenever his workers directly ignore his demands or knowingly go against promotional policies to enhance their own reputations with fans and take storylines to places he didn't want. The boss isn't known for his patience.

He's not alone either. WWE isn't the only organisation that's witnessed some sort of insatiable need to ignore rules from those actually wrestling.

The control management has is a delicate balance, one that needs to be rebelled against every now and then. Without that defiance, many of wrestling's greatest moments would be lost, and where's the fun in always conforming anyway? Rules, like McMahon's temper, are there to be broken...

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