10 Times Wrestlers Unified Titles

9. Triple H (WWE World Heavyweight And WWE Intercontinental)

Kota Ibushi

WWE's 2002 unification craze was just out of control by this point. After Rob Van Dam retired the Hardcore and European titles, RAW had the World Heavyweight and Intercontinental belts as their singles accolades. Triple H, recently just handed the World title for some reason, decided that was one too many and that RAW would be better if he was the only champion on the whole show. A debatable idea at best.

IC champ Kane probably figured jobbing to The Game was inevitable; what he could not have figured was the storyline to get there...

Instead of a high stakes war between a vicious heel and a monster babyface, we got Triple H outing Undertaker's little brother as a necrophiliac. None of it made sense - Kane had spent all of his formative years in a sanitarium like Michael Myers - but now we find out he was attending high school parties and driving cheerleaders home or something.

Having ruined Kane's character, Triple H finished the job by beating the Big Red Machine at No Mercy and putting the kibosh on the IC title altogether. On the bright side, the belt was brought back in '03. On the negative, Triple H burying Kane was also brought back in '03 when he forced the guy to unmask.

No wonder they called it the Reign of Terror.

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