10 Times Wrestlers Went Too Far

This bunch of wrestling figures all decided to infamously take things a little too far...

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In order to keep this barmy industry from becoming entirely stale, it's vitally important for each new generation of in-ring workers to continue pushing their limits and seeking intriguing and creative ways to force an audience to give a damn about what they're seeing go down within the squared-circle.

Unfortunately though, for every talented innovator throwing caution to the wind in their pursuit of immortalising themselves via never-before-seen feats of athleticism, there's also another worker who takes things that little bit too far in their quest to either be the name on everyone's lips or send a message to the rest of their colleagues.

Thankfully, some of the names occupying this collection of stars who didn't know when to stop eventually had the awareness to realise they were likely in the wrong when taking part in excessively violent endeavours or executing a few verbal digs at another performer's expense. But the same sadly cannot be said for some of the more outspoken personalities on show.

From ticking off the majority of the locker room with an explosive promo, to forcing an entire promotion to change its ruling on bloodshed, these were the times wrestlers undoubtedly got a bit too carried away...

10. David Arquette Pushes Himself Too Far

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Stepping into the middle of a ring with GCW's Nick Gage isn't something many professional wrestlers would be in too much of a rush to do. Throw in the concept of meeting "The Deathmatch King" in his favourite playground, and you've got a combination capable of making just about anybody wince at the mere thought of it.

But, determined to prove he was as tough as they came upon making an unexpected return to the world of pro wrestling in 2018, David Arquette was more than up for the challenge of proving he could go toe-to-toe with the ferocious Gage.

With the Scream actor ultimately suffering a gnarly cut on his neck during the deathmatch at Joey Janela's LA Confidential show and being rushed to hospital to be operated on, however, Arquette would later admit that he got injured due to "lack of experience" and the entire thing likely went a bit too far.

Talking to Wrestling Inc.’s Nick Hausman when promoting his documentary "You Cannot Kill David Arquette”, the fearless actor would also note:

"...I wanted to do it to prove that I’m not scared of him and I’m tough and whatever, it did feel like it went too far."
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