10 Times Wrestlers Were HORRIBLE To Fans

The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior DVD was probably too kind...

Ultimate Warrior

Sometimes, the pro wrestler is justified in attacking (or at least ignoring) the fan.

Obviously, in the context of a fictional performance, the heel should rile them up. Not to explain this like you're five, like every wrestling documentary voiceover ever, but punters buy a ticket with full knowledge that their sports team will get buried. They might even get singled out and called a specky tw*t. They might even get their sign ripped up.

If a fan attacks a performer in the ring, it's reasonable to justify a hard tackle and a hold with which the assailant can be subdued. There could exist a threat to life.

Also, those who harass wrestlers in airports to sell autographed merchandise on eBay can go to hell. Airports are an anxiety-inducing place to begin with. You should be allowed to inexplicably feel like you're breaking the law, check you've downloaded your boarding pass 400 times, and drink a phenomenally overpriced beer in peace without some ghoul screaming in your face and demanding that you, in effect, hand of over hundreds of dollars.

On other occasions, however...

10. The Ultimate Warrior Is Made To Apologise

Ultimate Warrior

It says something about the absolute state of pro wrestling history that the Ultimate Warrior - a despicable homophobe and racist, someone who cackled at a fellow man suffering from cancer - might not scrape the 20 Worst People to have ever been involved in it.

He was vile, bluntly.

The Warrior was once stopped by a fan in an airport. This fan was not a menace. This fan was not attempting to bilk Warrior out of an autograph. This fan was an eagle-eyed child who recognised his hero under a cap with no face paint on.

What would a normal person, who wasn't a piece of garbage, say in this scenario?

"Yes, I am the Ultimate Warrior. Thank you for believing me in me and remember to live your life down the right path. And, with a quick scribble of my pen, that completes this sub-30 second interaction!"

What did the Ultimate Warrior say in this scenario?

"F*ck off, squirt."

Now, the Warrior himself, when made to apologise by Vince McMahon - as was captured on an A&E documentary - was adamant that he didn't do nothin'.

However, the following circumstantial evidence might just work against him...


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