10 Times Wrestlers Were Too Silly For Their Own Good

9. Big E

From gyrating to overreacting, Big E offers a lot in the way of comedy. Unfortunately, his flair for humor has overshadowed his in-ring skills. His big poppin' pecs alone scream major contender.

For a while, it seemed as though Big E would never receive a proper singles run again. Even when the wrestler made it clear during multiple interviews and episodes of The New Day podcast he wanted a chance to be taken more seriously and achieve his own goals, WWE didn't budge.

It wasn't until 2020 that he got his chance to shine, when split from his pals. Still, transforming into a world-class champion will require a lot of work.

On The Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T made several points, as well as criticisms, about Ettore's latest run. Among them, the legend agreed it would be difficult for fans to take him seriously after years of silliness. Booker also recommended to refrain from relying on his past to get him over.

Part of E's charm comes from his quips, but as 'Book' suggested, it's wise for him to act more like a beast rather than lean on cheap pops and flashy ring gear. While still restricted to multi-man matches at first, he has managed to become Intercontinental Champion. Only time will tell if he helps re-establish the title or if things will remain the same, rendering the reign pointless.

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