10 Times Wrestling Fans Completely Rejected What They Were Seeing

When wrestling promotions mistake heat for hate.

Roman Reigns Royal Rumble Runner Up

Mr. McMahon famously said on an episode of Raw “I don’t ask fans what they want, I tell them what they want. I tell them what they want and then they like it!” The regular rule in pro wrestling is that the best characters are when Superstars amplify their personalities to 10. So when Mr. McMahon utters statements like this one you have to believe Vince McMahon in real life believes a part of it to be true too.

WWE and fans have clashed in opinions for years. Wrestling is a very opinionated piece of entertainment after all. WWE has been accused many times of telling fans what they want and forcing it down fans’ throats. Fans have rejected the likes of Vladimir Kozlov, Heidenreich, Nathan Jones and Matt Morgan over the years; giants lacking in charisma that WWE thought would get over one day if they pushed them hard enough.

Fans have also rejected lame segments like when Fake Donald Trump fought Fake Rosie O'Donnell on Raw, Roman Reigns’ dire “sufferin' succotash” promo and the Anonymous Raw General Manager when WWE had no better ideas for an authority figure.

Here we’ll look at the 10 biggest instances where fans straight-up rejected the lame and lacklustre content promotions put in front of them:

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