10 Times Wrestling Referees Really F**ked Up!

Officials majorly screwing up in WWE, WCW and AEW.

Triple H Earl Hebner

It’s often a thankless job being a referee in pro wrestling.

Just look at Mike Chioda, after 31 years of loyal service, being let go from WWE with no explanation. Or Tim White suffering a career-ending shoulder injury officiating Triple H vs. Chris Jericho in Hell in a Cell after being knocked into the cell. Or Earl Hebner being jeered and heckled for years by crowds for being part of screwing Bret Hart in Montreal, even though he was only following direct orders on short notice from Vince McMahon and feared losing his job if he didn’t.

It certainly can be a strenuous job, with referees having to quickly relay instructions to wrestlers on the fly when a match goes awry.

Especially in WWE, where they have strict ever-changing rules and regulations dictated by its Chairman on how to conduct a match. Even going so far as to ban commentators from referring to referees by name, in case they take too much attention away from the wrestlers in the ring.

With all that stress, mistakes and botches are inevitably bound to happen from time to time. But these mistakes were regrettable, even sometimes catastrophic, in altering finishes and title changes and resulting in fines and firings...

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