10 Times Wrestling Referees Really F**ked Up!

10. Danilo Anfibio Gets Fined Thousands

Rusev Aiden English

In March 2018 a dark six-man tag match after SmackDown resulted in hefty fines for all involved, including the referee.

Rusev, Aiden English and Baron Corbin took on AJ Styles and The Usos, with all six of them having fun and goofing around after the TV cameras stopped rolling. They were inspired by wrestlers years past, like Steve Austin and The Rock joking around and improvising after shows that would often pop crowds big.

The Usos started throwing superkicks in the match as if they were trying to put The Young Bucks to shame, with AJ Styles getting involved in the superkick fun too. The fun escalated to the point where the wrestlers convinced the referee Danilo Anfibio to get involved in the action, with Anfibio nailing Aiden English with a perfect kick to the face. From that point on AJ convinced Anfibio to take his referee shirt off and swap places with him, with AJ refereeing and Anfibio hitting more superkicks for the win.

The crowd loved it but WWE higher-ups certainly did not, believing the wrestlers had buried the business. They fined all the wrestlers and Danilo Anfibio in the thousands for going off-script.

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