10 Times WWE Bastardised Wrestling Royalty

Return the gift.


Wrestling promotion is a tough game. Ideas that work incredibly well on paper sometimes fail to translate.

Look at Alberto Del Rio: he entered WWE in 2010, a year in which the company struggled desperately for unique and marketable stars. Promoted with an intentionally alienating gimmick as an entitled and moneyed villain, Del Rio was also credible and very talented between the ropes. For reasons which continue to mystify - though chief among them was trademark horrendous booking - the act failed to live up to its gigantic promise.

Sometimes, though, proven talent will find itself nuzzled sweetly in Vince McMahon's lap - only for him to kick the cat violently out of the room. Possibly because it sneezed, if that insane-but-entirely-believable rumour holds much weight. It's a wonder the company grew to be as gargantuan as it is today when one revisits the countless occasions on which it hired a money-drawing talent - and proceeded to alter it beyond recognition.

Imagine the world's most successful football manager filling a striker vacancy with a goalkeeper. You couldn't, because it wouldn't happen. That would be mental - but, analogously, it's really not that far removed from what Vince McMahon has attempted over the years...


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