10 Times WWE Genuinely Shocked The Fans

Let the jaws hit the floor.


It takes a great deal to truly shock a television audience in 2018. Forty years ago, you could have provoked a reasonable amount of outrage simply by muttering a naughty four-letter word, but these days anything less than full frontal nudity probably isn't going to cut it.

WWE fans, in particular, are perhaps even more difficult to shock. They aren't just desensitised to the ubiquitous sight of near-naked bodies and extreme violence, but also up-to-speed on all of the latest internet rumours. In many instances, they know who the next world champion is before Vince McMahon does.

Under these constraints, the only way the company can truly shock us is to pull something completely out of the blue. Serve up a result that literally nobody could realistically see coming, for instance. Bring in a wrestler fans thought the chairman of the board would sooner die than offer a place on his payroll.

Thanks to our insatiable appetite for online spoilers, they don't accomplish this feat very often. But it does happen from time to time, and we've got 10 examples that prove it.