10 Times WWE Genuinely Shocked The Fans

10. Chris Jericho Wins The Undisputed Title


On the eve of Vengeance 2001, it seemed almost certain that one of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock would be walking out of the show as the inaugural WWF Undisputed Champion.

At a push, you could perhaps have predicted a Kurt Angle win. Unlike Y2J, he'd already held world title gold, and had also featured prominently in the climax of the Invasion angle, helping Vince McMahon stave off his latest existential threat by switching sides at the last-minute.

Jericho, meanwhile, was a massive outsider. More than two years on the books of the World Wrestling Federation had so far yielded only a smattering of mid-card title reigns. And then there was the timing: a couple of months removed from the biggest show of the calendar is generally an inopportune moment to bank on a relative up-and-comer.

Incredibly, the former WCW star managed not just to emerge from the four-man mini-tournament with the belt, but to do so by beating the Attitude Era's two biggest stars in back-to-back matches. That was pretty much unheard of, and virtually no-one saw it coming.