10 Times WWE Got Buyer's Remorse

No refunds.


It's legitimately difficult to imagine Vince McMahon ever owning up to regretting anything.

If asked, he'd surely say that kickstarting the World Bodybuilding Federation afforded him the opportunity to experience talent from a completely different world that would help him get closer to the ones in his existing "universe". If queried, he'd likely argue that putting Lex Luger on a bus only to win by count-out at the final destination was actually a good use of company money because of all the USA b-roll they had bottled for video packages in the years that followed. If pushed, he'd be only too happy to say the XFL was so groundbreaking during its first life that he had no f*cking doubt, pal, that he'd be able to bring it back 20 years later.

These three misfires cost McMahon millions of dollars and almost certainly damaged his entrepreneurial reputation in the process, but they were so inherently him in their planning and execution that's it's laughable to even suggest he'd have a shred of remorse. And they're far from the only examples of the time he's sent good money after bad on some wild whim stored at the back of his batsh*t brain.

If only he had as much patience for all of his wrestlers...


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