10 Times WWE Immediately Broke Its Own Rules

"New Generation"? More like "Old Destruction"!


WWE's unfocused "Let's just do something with this guy" approach often backfires, hilariously, and excavates so many plot holes in the creative process.

As Aleister Black sulked in his room, asking his peers to pick-uh a fight-uh with him-uh, Samo-uh Joe, having just lost his lesser United States Championship, attacked Kofi Kingston to stake a claim to his WWE Heavyweight Championship. This was dreadful booking in itself that was not tethered to logic, much less a rule, and all the while, Black looked like a complete d*ckhead having failed to grasp that most WWE matches happen via assault and or interruption/distraction.

Becky Lynch had to beg and plead with "the powers that be" to secure a match with Asuka at the Royal Rumble. A commentary on WWE's institutional racism, or a plot hole? It was a plot hole, because again, it was superfluous reasoning to build a match that undermined WWE's scattergun approach, and if WWE was indeed concerned with "protecting" its talent, they probably wouldn't have allowed a visibly concussed Kairi Sane to continue on at TLC.

WWE is in desperate need of assembling some sort of framework with which to make its storytelling coherent and believable.

Then again, they'd probably f*ck that up, too, looking at the precedent yielded from history...


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