10 Times WWE Introduced Something Cool (Then Panicked And Took It Away)

THIS IS AWESOME!..wait, where did it go?

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In a dark time (known as 2020) when WWE feel that it is a better to make Braun Strowman gyrate with The New Day rather than have the monster demolish half of the roster, it is worth remembering that not every idea they introduce is immediately terrible.

Some have actually been quite awesome - or at least could have been - and fans have fully got behind many a new concept in the hope that it'll be around for the long run.

Unfortunately, that often doesn't happen.

In fact, Vince McMahon has had a tendency over the years to pull the rug from underneath a promising project on a whim and bury a show/segment/format simply because it was either not quite delivering what the boss expected or due to the fact that he'd typically lost interest in his new toy.

Whatever the frustrating knee-jerk reason, many refreshingly original entities have been stolen away from fans before they ever had a chance to reach their apex.

Perhaps McMahon was right to pull the plug on these projects which he felt had nothing left to give to his organisation. Or, maybe WWE could have benefited from these ten cool commodities over time and the company should hang their heads in shame for panic-culling these brilliant ideas.

We'll let you decide...

10. Fan Voted Stipulations/Outcomes

Dean Ambrose Asylum

You'd think that in the social media heavy environment we currently inhabit in 2020, Vince McMahon would be all too happy to lean into the interactive worlds of Twitter and Facebook on a more regular basis.

Well, long before every man, woman, child or pet had an account to hurl abuse at their spandex wearing heroes, WWE had the brainwave to allow their loyal following to have control over what would be taking place at 2004's inaugural Taboo Tuesday - via polls on their website.

The voting began the night before the event and various stars/match types were brought into the fray depending on which wrestler/stipulation garnered the highest support from fans at home.

It was genuinely quite exciting to think that the audience had full control over who would be given the opportunity to fight for a world title or what style of brutality their favourites would have to suffer through.

However, after another Taboo Tuesday and a few Cyber Sunday PPV's, WWE seemed to lose a fair bit of interest in the notion and - aside from the odd Raw poll - they veered away from handing the decision making over to the watching faithful.

There's been no real reason revealed as to why McMahon has still consistently produced online polls on WWE's Twitter and website, without re-opening the door for some crowd chosen outcomes on any of his current weekly wrestling shows. So, hopefully this rash decision to hold back on this intriguing concept will be overruled soon enough.

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