10 Times WWE Purposefully Lied To The Fans

10. Stone Cold Steve Austin Advertised For Survivor Series Main Event... But He Can't Wrestle

Let's start with everyone's favorite rattlesnake. Back at Survivor Series 1999 Stone Cold Steve Austin was advertised for a triple threat match with The Rock and Triple H. Sounds like a PPV main event match right? I'd pay to see that. Unfortunately Austin was actually in no condition to wrestle that night as he was suffering from severe neck injuries (which would lead to his retirement four years later). He needed surgery and would have to take a year off from wrestling. The decision was made to replace him with the Big Show who would go on to win the WWF Championship. Now WWE knew for a while before the PPV (at least the SmackDown TV show prior) that Austin was unavailable for Survivor Series, but broken neck or not, Austin was still a certified draw, and rather than announce beforehand that Paul Wight would be replacing Austin, WWE just went ahead and promoted the match that nobody would get to see. When fans tuned into Survivor Series expecting to see Austin wrestle, they instead saw Austin (or a stunt double) getting run over by a mystery assailant (Rikishi) and were then told that the Texas Rattlesnake would be absent from their screens for over a year.
This isn't the first time WWE lied to their fans at Survivor Series as we'll later find out.

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