10 Times WWE Seriously Disrespected Hall Of Famers

9. The Nacho Man, The Huckster And Scheme Gene

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The skits that the WWF aired depicting 'The Nacho Man', 'The Huckster' and 'Scheme Gene' were not some of the finer moments of the Monday Night Wars. Hogan left the WWF for WCW in 1994, after they offered him a ridiculous amount of money, creative control and the freedom to pursue other endeavours like acting and endorsements.

Randy Savage, who was just being used as a commentator and occasional wrestler by the WWF in 1994, saw Hogan still riding high on top and joined him to resume his main event career. The move would prove lucrative for Hogan and Savage, who got to relive their glory years and were paid fat, guaranteed money contracts to do it. It was a turning point for WCW's business who really started to make money after their arrival.

Savage and Flair drew huge money on the road for WCW and the the company finally started to look like it could be competition for the WWF. How did Vince take two of his former top stars going to WCW and succeeding whilst doing big business? Not well at all. The WWF, who had phased Savage out of the ring as they looked to focus on the 'new generation' of wrestlers, decided to air a series of skits titled 'Billionaire Ted's Wrestling War Room', named after the owner of WCW parent company Turner Broadcasting.

The segments depicted Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan and Gene Okerlund as old, washed-up has-beens. The Nacho Man and the Huckster even had a 'Geriatric Match' at WrestleMania XII in one of the skits, which ended when both competitors passed out from exhaustion in the middle of the ring after a period of inactivity. The segments were not very amusing to anyone except those working for the WWF and they deeply hurt Randy Savage, who was increasingly sensitive about his age and appearance.

According to Randy's brother Lanny on the recent Macho Man WWE DVD bio, it was one of the reasons why Savage never returned to WWE. The WWF weren't laughing months later when, thanks to the Hogan-led nWo, WCW began to handily beat the WWF in the ratings.


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