10 Times WWE Squandered A Genuine Crowd Reaction

When it's as easy as giving the people what they want, GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT!


Timing is everything in pro wrestling.

That's why it can be so unbelievably infuriating to see a crowd lose their sh*t for a returning star or genuinely shocking moment, only for WWE to bumble around and let all that organic momentum evaporate into thin air.

It's not just one freak occurrence either. WWE have routinely found a way to crap all over an authentic crowd reaction and often left fans with their hands on their heads, wondering how such a golden opportunity was not capitalised on properly.

Whether it be the all encompassing Rusev Day or even just a show of appreciation for a breakout star (à la CM Punk at Survivor Series 2006) WWE aren't fans of being told what to do and they struggle enough following through on their own ideas. So you can only imagine what level of support fan generated concepts are given.

If WWE had the foresight to see that these crowd responses could be an indication of future success with a talent, perhaps they would have wisely invested in them immediately following the monster-pops on this list.

Alas, it wasn't to be and these moments will go down in history as the most criminal times WWE squandered a golden reaction.


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