10 Times WWE Stars Made A Mockery Of Their Own Angles

It's good to have a laugh at your (own) work.

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Every wrestling angle is born because somebody (Vince McMahon, one of his trusted creative lieutenants or an individual wrestler) believed it was a good idea. There's some experimentation and content for the sake of content, of course, but nothing makes it onto WWE screens without the boss man's approval.

Remember that.

This is a varied list. It doesn't only explore those workers who decided to rip the p*ss right out of storylines they were involved in - it also examines times WWE wrestlers knowingly mocked their own work, the work of others or couldn't resist attention even when it was counter-productive to the product put in front of fans.

Self-deprecation can work, and it does give some a right good laugh. It's WWE's way of saying, 'Yeah, that sucked', and it's not strictly a bad thing. However, there are times when in-house mockery did nothing but insult fan intelligence or ridicule them for giving a toss in the first place.

Don't forget, you were supposed to emotionally invest in every single story here when it was originally presented. More fool you, eh?

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