10 Times WWE Stars Were Scapegoats For Bad Booking

Don't blame me - I didn't book it!


As human beings, we have an ingrained psychological need to assign meanings to everything. Often times, this means baselessly blaming someone else for the things that go wrong in our lives.

We call this someone a "scapegoat" - somebody who gets blamed for something they didn't do so that those doing the blaming have a place to direct their frustrations.

In professional wrestling, scapegoating works one of two ways - either a wrestler gets heat from officials after one of their angles doesn't go as planned, or a wrestler gets heat from fans because of either really weak or overly-strong booking. Either way, the proverbial "blame game" is almost always unwarranted, as it's usually due to reasons beyond their control.

Nevertheless, scapegoating has had a palpably pernicious effect on the public perception of several talents over the years. For some, that means unavoidable derision from fans whenever they show up on television, while for others, it means overwhelming ennui surrounding their character.

If, by now, you're still confused as to what I'm referring to, here are ten wrestlers who acted as a whipping boy for something that wasn't their fault. And no, I am not referring to Gene Snitsky.

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