10 Times WWE Took Away The ONE Thing That Got Wrestlers Over

Getting over? Well, WWE might just take away what GOT you over in the first place.

Becky Lynch

Change, they say, is inevitable.

Other clich├ęs like "nothing lasts forever" also fit here, because they perfectly sum up what happened to every character examined. No-one should blast WWE for trying out new things or looking for ways to get wrestlers more over, but...what about when those workers were already over?

Change for the sake of it isn't that great. Sadly, WWE produces so much content that they typically view these changes as necessary evolutionary steps to keep gimmicks (and programming) fresh. If they don't evolve, they'll stagnate - that's likely the thinking behind Vince McMahon's unrelenting need to pull the plug on what's clearly clicking with fans.

Sometimes, in his quest to "make movies", the boss takes away the one thing that got wrestlers over in the first place. Today's viewer will read that sentence and immediately shout, 'NXT! He's talking about NXT!'. Yes, the third brand is here, but WWE has been f*cking around with success for generations.

Stars of the 1980s, 'Attitude' era and more modern flavours collide here. McMahon often puts change ahead of everything else; he does so even when that strips away what made his stars, well...stars.

10. Karrion Kross

Becky Lynch

Karrion Kross' Raw debut was a bit sh*t, wasn't it?

The NXT Champion looked like a lowly jobber when he lost to Jeff Hardy in approx two minutes, and his post-match grandstanding convinced nobody that WWE will use him correctly on Monday nights. This might've been the worst "main roster" debut for anybody "coming up" from NXT.

WWE need to realise that Karrion's presentation caught attention - Scarlett, the blonde bombshell that she is, was a huge part of that. Her poise, outfits and cries of, "fall and pray" dramatically boosted Kross' prospects when he burst onto the scene in 2020.

So much for that.

Raw's chiefs decided to remove Scarlett from Karrion's side and have him stroll out solo like a hangover from The Ascension days. How anybody could watch what Kross and Scarlett were doing on NXT and think, 'Yeah, he doesn't need her or any of that intensity', is truly baffling. He's the NXT Champ, for crying out loud!

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