10 Times WWE Totally Dropped The Ball On Rusev

WWE can't help but put a damper on Rusev Day.


It's hard to believe that Rusev celebrates six years on WWE's main roster this month following his debut in 2014's Royal Rumble match. In that time, he's come close to attaining super stardom on countless occasions but seen his stock drop at the worst of times.

Rusev was one of the rare NXT call-ups to receive an aggressive push right out of the gate. After going undefeated for over a year and being built up as a monster heel, he was pushed back down the card once his rivalry with John Cena ran its course. From entering WrestleMania in a tank to sitting on the sidelines to being forced to watch his wife make out with another man, Rusev has experienced a great number of ups and downs throughout his tenure.

The Bulgarian Brute could have easily been a multi-time champion by now instead of the glorified comedy act he has become. Considering he's been involved in a never-ending story with Lana and Bobby Lashley for months now, his fortunes don't look to be changing any time soon.

Perhaps leaving when his current contract expires and taking his talents elsewhere would force WWE to realize what they've been missing out on with him all these years, but until then, expect the company to continue holding him down while he meanders in the midcard.

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