10 Times WWE Totally Wasted Potential

Emma the latest in a long line.

It was announced this week that Emma would be departing WWE after six years on its books.

All of the comments that traditionally follow the news that a wrestler has been released were there: some said good riddance, others expressed dismay, and Lio Rush made an off-colour Twitter joke that led to a dressing down from half the WWE roster.

Mostly, however, people are agreed that she wasn't really given a fair crack of the whip by her former employers. They never looked upon her as anything more than what Triple H would - and perhaps did - refer to as a "B-plus player". If that.

Given that she was attempting to make her name in arguably the most stiffly competitive women's division WWE has ever had, perhaps there's an element of truth to that. We'll never know for sure, though, because she simply didn't get the chance.

If there's comfort to be derived, it's from the fact that she now joins a whole host of WWE wrestlers past who - despite their obvious talent - for some reason never quite managed to smash through wrestling's glass ceiling.