10 Times WWE Tried To Recreate Iconic Duos

If something works well the first time it's bound to work just as well a second time! Right?!


WWE, in its current form, has been around since the 1980s, and its roots can be traced all the way back to the 1950s. With all these years and hours of content created due to the years and years of weekly shows, sometimes it can be hard to think of new, fresh ideas and when that happens what else can you do but go back to the past?

As a result, WWE have at times tried to recreate everything from storylines, championship belts, gimmicks and even classic partnerships, as we're about to talk about.

Going back in time and recasting wrestlers into roles previously seen has had varying amounts of success, as sometimes the inspiration has been used the right way with something great growing from the roots of an old idea. Other times, however, things have gone terribly, horribly wrong with things being almost a carbon copy of something that's already been done before.


10. AJ Styles & Jordan Omogbehin As Shawn Michaels & Diesel


This list could easily be comprised of just cheap Shawn Michaels/Diesel knock -offs, as WWE has tried to recapture the magic of the Two Dudes With Attitude on numerous occasions.

The latest example made their presence felt on RAW just the other Monday with the extremely talented megastar AJ Styles (playing the role of Shawn Michaels) being joined by the unknown newcomer Jordan Omogbehin (playing the role of Big Daddy Cool).

Not a lot can be said about this new dynamic duo, but it looks as if Omogbehin will be playing the role of bodyguard just like Diesel was to Michaels during the initial run the two had back in 1993. It remains to be seen how well Styles and Omogbehin will fair, though this new role is definitely going to be a lot more beneficial to the 7'3" former Basketball player than his short time spent as a member of Akira Tozawa's ninja faction where the giant was referred to only as Big Ninj.

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