10 Times WWE Turned Trash Into Treasure

From game shows to game-changers.


No, we didn't get that title the wrong way 'round, though here's a sneak peak of this article's subverted sequel:

Asuka was treasure in NXT: an undefeated warlord absolutely drenched in a gleefully sadistic, wholly unique brand of charisma. On the main roster, and this was so sadly inevitable you dared not predict it, she became just another defeated performer used as an odd couple punchline in her abysmal partnership with Naomi, from whom she absolutely delighted at the prospect of learning English words ("Glow! Ah, glow!"). From wrestling arguably the best WWE singles match in 2017 to whacky "teriyaki" word play one year later, Asuka, somewhat fittingly, was a cooked stereotype. And then she became SmackDown Women's Champion! And then she didn't get booked for weeks on end! And now Lacey Evans is primed to go over her, because she is blonde. It is 2018 all over again, with one key, damning difference; this blonde's got legs from here to ya-ya! "We can't not push her!" is the mentality here. When, in reality, they could just push a performer who is actually able to perform on that stage.

In short, if Asuka is treasure now, she will be trash soon enough.

It's backwards, but on rare occasions, WWE was and is capable of forward-thinking...


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