10 Times WWE Was Legitimately The Best Wrestling On The Planet

7. 1998

The Rock Hulk Hogan

1998 must have been a stressful and frustrating year for everyone working in WWF, knowing that everything they were producing was far and away better than anything WCW had to offer at the time, but still losing some weeks in the ratings.

Stone Cold's character was so hot people couldn't look at him without getting burned as he won the Royal Rumble, and the WWF Title. He would go on to face opposition from Mick Foley who was doing triple-duty by using all three of his characters to the fullest. To make things more dangerous for the champ, he also had The Brothers of Destruction, The Undertaker and Kane, draped in their occult aesthetics and breathing down his neck. All this transpired while another star named The Rock was beginning to find his groove as a cool heel.

Meanwhile in the midcard, Triple H established himself as the leader of a new brand of DX that would become the frat boy answer to WCW's NWO. Every episode of Raw had something to get the fans to stand up and shout, while almost every big show had a swerve to have fans gasping for air. While WWF didn't dominate the year, only edging out Nitro with 3 weeks of leads, this was the year they got a lot of fans to finally start changing the channels


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