10 Times WWE Were Obsessed With Strange Things

9. Definitely Not Stephanie's Eyes


Most fathers wouldn't imagine subjecting their daughters to something potentially salacious or even dangerous, but Vince McMahon wasn't like most fathers by any stretch of the imagination, and he often did just that.

In addition to allowing his minimally-trained daughter pick up the Women's Championship and bum around in singles matches that were far too frequently riddled by shenanigans, 'McGrapefruits' (or at least the camerapersons whom he payrolled) had a certain fondness for Stephanie's (how to say this kindly... ) enhancements in the early 2000s and figured so did all WWE fans.

Well after hanging up her boots, cameras tended to pan to the new features whenever 'Miss Mac' stepped into frame, whether that was her on commentary or conspicuously leaning over her desk as SmackDown general manager.

One could argue that McMahon and his associates were simply trying to spike ratings, but it felt as though they'd gone a little too far by emphasizing everything except Steph's eyes. There was the chance that 'The Billionaire Princess' was merely trying to be glamorous, but also keep in mind the rumblings of her daddy trying to pitch an incestuous storyline in which they birthed a child together when deciding who was the stranger of the two.

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