10 Times WWE Were Obsessed With Strange Things

8. Dogs


Throughout history, many warriors have been symbolized by some sort of creature. Likewise, WWE has often tossed names like 'The Snake' and even just 'The Animal,' but one critter, in particular, has been revisited more often than the rest.

Vince McMahon must have a real fondness for his canine pals, as the term "dog" has been associated with his performers far more often than you might think - sometimes (and unfortunately) quite literally.

From 'The Big Dog' to the Junkyard Dog, the list of dog-associated screen names is nearly endless. There's also all of the symbolism, such as The Undertaker claiming the ring as his "yard" and the more embarrassing stuff like Jerry Lawler yelling "puppies" during every women's segment of the Attitude Era.

It doesn't stop there, though. Several performers have walked their dogs out to the ring like Torrie Wilson, where others like 'The Deadman' were given dogs by other wrestlers. Then there was poor Al Snow, who was tricked into eating his dog by the Big Boss Man.

A tip for any aspiring WWE creative team members: Use dog metaphors and analogies to get your pitches approved by the chairman. He likes them as much as pointing at the WrestleMania sign.

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